“One of my favorite jazz/soul performances… I’m more than just “impressed” with Mr. Jacobs wonderful vocal talent….you’ll be hearing MUCH more from him in the coming months/years.” -IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION


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“The last time I was this excited about a male jazz vocalist was when Gregory Porter had his debut album. Here, you’ve got this guy Sidney Jacobs who sings, writes and arranges his own stuff and displays an amazing wide range of use for his voice on this exciting album….There’s no shallowness nor glibness in his delivery, as every lyric is delivered with thought and conviction. I gotta see him!”

                                                         -George Harris JazzWeekly


jazz weekly  (FOUR STARS)

“Through First Man, Sidney Jacobs manages to present as a confident musical force while also highlighting the confessional aspects of his artistry and personality. He's got a lot to say and he says it in with grace, strength, compassion, and pride. Getting to know this man and his music is time well spent....Sidney Jacobs' second album puts this vocalist's fantastically fervent pipes in the proper light. His sound evokes shades of his earliest inspiration—the late Al Jarreau—but he's developed his own voice that's beholden to no single source or influence. Whether joyfully crooning atop his own creations, visiting the music of Richard Rodgers, or dipping into hip-hop or vintage soul, Jacobs manages to put his own firm stamp and personality on this material.”

                                                    -Dan Bilawsky



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“A singer with range and power and an original delivery. You can hear some Bobby McFerrin, some Joe Lee Wilson and a little Bill Withers and Lou Rawls but you wouldn’t mistake him for any of those folks. He is an original voice that encompasses so many parts that upon first listening I kept thinking about those parts and where they came from…. Jacobs suggests respect and deserves it. Originality, range and hipness.”